Earning 1% per month is

Simple Savings is a privately insured savings account that allows users to earn 1.000% per month on their deposits. Easy to open & free to use, Simple Savings is the world's easiest way to give your financial situation a boost.


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Dollars of Interest Earned

Saving money, made simple.

Open your account in as little as 5 minutes

Deposit any sum of money using credit card, cash @ ATM, wire transfer, online bill pay or Bitcoin

Your account balance will earn 0.033% per day

Withdraw your principal & interest any time, including to an optional debit card

Getting Started With Simple Savings

Benefits for Account Holders

We serve every country on earth

Creating an account is simple

Deposit any currency & enjoy USD benefits

Stylish & modern control panel

Free deposits & withdrawals

Earn 1.000% interest per month every month

100% of deposits protected by insurance

Add a debit card to your account for $5/month

Meet Actual Clients



Deposited $1,000 one time

After one year Jon will have:



Deposits $100 per month

After one year Amanda will have:



Deposits $2 per day

After one year Tera will have:

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple Savings welcomes clients from every country on earth.  We love sharing prosperity with everyone!

Actually, your Simple Savings account is safer than a normal bank account because it is privately insured to its full account balance by one of the largest insurance companies in the world.  Unlike most deposit insurance that only covers up to $250,000 per account, every Simple Savings account is fully insured, and therefore, is more safe than a normal bank account.

Yes!  You wil receive 0.033% interest every day that your account balance is greater than zero, which is credited and compounded monthly.

Opening an account is simple.  We need the following pieces of information: (1) your name, (2) your e-mail address and (3) one photo ID document.

You can access your funds easily using your online control panel.  You can transfer funds to your debit card or make a withdrawal any time.  Your request will be processed within 24 business hours, guaranteed.

Simple Savings does not require a minimum deposit.  You can deposit as much or little as you'd like.

You can deposit & withdraw funds using the following methods:

Credit & debit cards
ACH wire transfer
Cash (you can use ATMs in 80 countries)

Your maximum card balance per card is $15,000 USD. You may make up to 20 transactions ($7,500 USD) per day per card. You may withdraw $1,220.00 USD from an ATM per day per card. You may withdraw $5,050.00 USD over the counter (in a branch) per day per card.

The Simple Savings company earns profit from institutional trading activites, just like banks do.

No, we are not a lender, nor do we engage in fractional reserve banking.  Your funds are safely stored in our institutional reserve account.

Absolutely not.  A ponzi scheme, by definition, in one in which an entity collects funds from clients to pay other clients, making it seem as if investment returns were derived from legitimate sources.  Simple Savings engages in fully-audited and documented institutional trading activities.  Our profits are derived from actual business activities--not from sourcing new clients.  Your funds will never be sent to, credit to, lent to or otherwise given to another client.  They are 100% yours.


Need a debit card?

Low cost per month

You can add a virtual or plastic Visa debit card to your account for the price of a large latte

Accepted worldwide

Your debit card works anywhere that accepts Visa, including 10,500,000 ATM's around the world.


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